From Classic To Modern: 20 Elegant Girl Names You’ll Love

From Classic To Modern: 20 Elegant Girl Names You’ll Love
From Classic To Modern: 20 Elegant Girl Names You’ll Love

Naming is one of the most important decisions for future parents, especially names for baby girls. And elegant girl names will be a priceless gift for your little princess. 

An elegant name not only shows the gentle and delicate qualities of the baby girl but also makes a good impression. It also gives children confidence when introducing themselves in social interactions. Therefore, look at 20 delicate and significant names for baby girls!

Classic Elegant Girl Names 

This is what you’re looking for if you appreciate vintage, elegant, and sophisticated names. 


This name has German and Latin origins. In Latin, Amelia signifies hard work and perseverance. Meanwhile, it has a symbolic meaning of effort in German. Thanks to its positive meaning and pleasant melody, Amelia became one of the most popular elegant girl names in England after the 18th century. 

Furthermore, this name is especially popular thanks to female pilot Amelia Earhart – the first female pilot in the world to fly alone across the Atlantic. This makes the name Amelia even more meaningful.


Catherine comes from the Greek name “Aikaterine“. There is a common association between this name and the word “katharos,” which means purity. Numerous saints, monarchs, and important historical individuals have carried this graceful and ageless name, adding to its regal and refined reputation. 
Catherine is a representation of a modest, elegant, and pure girl. Many well-known individuals, including numerous English queens and Catherine the Great of Russia, have chosen this name because of its charming connotation.

Catherine the Great of Russia
Catherine the Great of Russia


Elizabeth is of Hebrew root, inferred from the title Elisheba, which suggests “God is my oath“. This name also connotes grandeur, elegance, and commitment. 

In royal circles, this name is highly favored and has been selected by numerous well-known monarchs, saints, and historical personalities. The most well-known of them is Queen Elizabeth I and Elizabeth II of England, who have improved the image of royal elegance and enduring appeal.


Isabella has a variety of historical origins. Isabella is a variant of Elizabeth that means “devoted to God” in Italian and Spanish. This name, like Elizabeth, is highly favored by European nobility and monarchy, particularly in Italy and Spain.

Isabella is also a representation of beauty, grace, and strength. Isabella I of Castile, a prominent figure in the Spanish Renaissance, is one of the notable historical persons with this name.


The title “lily” is taken from the name of an English flower that symbolizes innocence, purity, and exquisite beauty. Since the 19th century, this refined and sophisticated name has gained popularity and is connected to the pure beauty of the lily. 

Lily is a name that conjures up images of richness and freshness and is frequently used as a sign of purity in various cultures. Its elegant simplicity has made it a popular option for parents searching for a traditional and endearing name for their daughters. 


The Persian term “yasamin,” which describes the jasmine flower, is where this name originates. This name symbolizes the grace, beauty, and purity of this flower. Throughout the 19th century, the name Jasmine gained popularity in the English-speaking world and is still adored for its delicate and gentle beauty. Jasmine is a classic and elegant girl name since it is linked to refined beauty and grace.

A baby named Jasmine is usually as beautiful as a flower
A baby named Jasmine is usually as beautiful as a flower


The Latin name Julia, which means “young” or “downy,” is the source of the name Juliette. This name evokes a sense of sophistication, grace, and youthful vitality.  Shakespeare‘s tragic heroine in “Romeo and Juliet” is strongly linked to the elegant and romantic name Juliette, which lends the narrative a timeless charm. 


Marie comes from Miriam, meaning “beloved” in Hebrew. The name Marie is a representation of a parent’s unwavering love for their daughter. The name Marie has been used in a variety of cultures and languages, including French, English, and German. Because of its ageless appeal and simplicity, it gained popularity during the Middle Ages and continues to do so now. Marie Curie, the renowned scientist and chemist, is one of the notable people with this name, contributing to its connotation of grace and intelligence. 


Seraphina is a name of Hebrew origin, derived from the word “Seraphim“, referring to the noblest angel in the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim traditions. Since Seraphim is an angel of great love and passion, this name also connotes passionate love. Seraphina is an exquisite girl name popular in a variety of cultures.


The title Vivienne comes from the Latin word “Vivianus,” which implies alive and represents new life and vivacity. Vivienne is well-known in numerous cultures, particularly in French-speaking areas, and is well-liked for its refined and graceful sound. The name carries a timeless elegance and is connected to prominent people, such as Vivienne Westwood, the famous British fashion designer.

Baby Vivienne is adorable and lively
Baby Vivienne is adorable and lively

Modern Elegant Girl Names 

Besides classic elegant girl names, modern-style names are also very popular with parents. The following names are too good to pass up if you enjoy novel, distinctive, and striking things: 


The name Aria has several different meanings and origins. Aria refers to the term “Ariel” in Hebrew,  which implies “lion of God“.  In the same way, Aria signifies “lioness” in Greek. This name also means “nobility” in Persian. Furthermore, the Italian translation of this name is “melody” or “song“. 

For each different culture, Aria will have different meanings. But in general, this name represents nobility and power along with a melodious tone. The name Aria has become even more popular in recent years. 


Aurora is a dazzling name of Latin origin, meaning “dawn“. Roman mythology describes Aurora as the goddess of dawn, bringing the first light of day. Thus, this name represents a fresh start that is full of optimism and brightness. 
The brilliant, poetic meaning of the name Aurora made it one of the most popular elegant girl names. When Disney released the film adaption of “Sleeping Beauty” with the stunning Princess Aurora, this moniker gained even greater recognition.

Princess Aurora in Sleeping Beauty
Princess Aurora in Sleeping Beauty


Anastasia comes from Greek, meaning “resurrection” or “rebirth“.  It creates a sense of riches and mystery, which has long been associated with magnificence and majesty. Anastasia was a common name among the Byzantine royal family and later became well-known thanks to the tale of Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia. Many parents choose the name Anastasia for their girls because of its allure, regalness, sophistication, and rich historical significance. 


Celia is the Latin version of the Roman surname “Caelius”, which means “sky” or “heaven”. This name represents the nobility and luxury associated with heaven. Celia was used during the classical era and became popular in English literature, known for its association with Shakespeare’s play “As You Like It”. Celia is a highly common modern female name thanks to its elegance and simplicity. 


Elena is another variation of the Greek name Helena, meaning “light” or “torch“. This name exudes a refined and sophisticated charm, signifying brightness and new beauty. Elena originates from ancient Greek mythology and is associated with the character Helen of Troy, renowned for her exceptional beauty. Thus, this name gained popularity throughout numerous civilizations, signifying exquisite beauty.

Parents named their daughter Elena in the hope that she would be as beautiful as Helen of Troy
Parents named their daughter Elena in the hope that she would be as beautiful as Helen of Troy


The Greek name Juliana, which is a more modern version of Juliette, is likewise derived from the Latin word “Julios” or “Julius“. Whatever the culture, Juliana represents youth. This name also has a graceful, majestic elegance that has historically been connected to aristocracy and monarchy. With its gorgeous meaning that embodies grace, tenderness, and youth as well as its sweet tune, Juliana has become a popular choice among parents for their little princess. 


Scarlett could be a title inferred from the Ancient French “escarlate,” which suggests “shining red“. It conjures up images of sensual beauty, often used to name girls with red hair. In the 20th century, Scarlett’s rise to popularity was aided by its association with the well-known Scarlett O’Hara from Margaret Mitchell’s book “Gone With the Wind”. This name is frequently linked to strong, audacious female stereotypes with stunning appearances. 


Valentina is of Latin root, inferred from the word “Valens”, which implies “strong” or “healthy”. It shows robust vitality and ongoing growth. Valentina’s beauty is also elegant and romantic, conjuring visions of grace and luxury. 

In addition, the name Valentina is also associated with Saint Valentine and Valentine’s Day, symbolizing love and devotion. Therefore, this is the elegant woman who contains the parents’ great love and hope that their daughter will grow up healthy.


The Latin root of the name Viviana is “Vivianus,” which means “vivid” or “lively“. This name has historical origins and is connected to the ideas of vigor and colorful life. It’s also a great girl name option because of its delicate and melodic sound. Often considered a variation of Vivian, Viviana has become well-known for its lovely connotation and soft tone, making it perfect for a girl who exudes elegance and liveliness. 


Zar is a multi-ethnic name with Arabic, Hebrew, and Slavic ancestry. Zara signifies “princess” or “flower” in Arabic, denoting grandeur and exquisite beauty. Meanwhile, Zara means “seed” or “shining” in Hebrew, denoting development and illumination. Besides, the name means “dawn” or “morning star” in Slavic, which denotes brightness and fresh starts.

In any culture, Zara carries positive and beautiful meanings. That’s why this name became popular, chosen by the British royal family and well-known womenswear manufacturers. 

Zara is one of the most popular elegant girl names thanks to its positive meanings
Zara is one of the most popular elegant girl names thanks to its positive meanings

1. What would a wealthy girl’s name be?

You can give names to your girl that evoke feelings of luxury, sophistication, and power. Specifically, Victoria is a name that is inspired by Queen Victoria, conjuring images of strength and grandeur. Or Olivia and Madeline, two names that are quite well-liked in the upper class. Another option is Charlotte, a traditional name with a sense of aristocracy, frequently connected to elegance and grace.

2. What’s a girl’s fancy name?

A fancy girl’s name typically conveys a sense of extravagance, flair, and elegance. You can think about names like Seraphina, which exudes elegance and luxury and is frequently linked to sophistication; Isadora – brings a sense of art and ideas to girls with delicate aesthetic taste. Or Clementine, a name with a distinct sound and timeless appeal.


Each name will have a unique meaning, reflecting the features and personality of each baby girl. Choosing a name for your little girl will be easier and more pleasurable than ever thanks to our curated selection. Whether you prefer the charm of a traditional name or the vibrancy of a modern name, each option on the list of elegant girl names above will be a great fit.

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