What Is Irish Twins Meaning? – Tips for Parents

What Is “Irish Twins” Meaning? – Tips for Parents of Irish Twins
What Is “Irish Twins” Meaning? – Tips for Parents of Irish Twins

Having a baby is a big joy and happiness in life. But what is it like if you have Irish twins? Have you ever heard about the term “Irish twins”? They are not technically twins but raising close-in-age siblings will bring more challenges as well as double the joy. 

Here in this article, we’ll unpack the “Irish twins” meaning, and offer valuable tips to navigate this exciting, yet demanding, journey of parenthood with Irish twins. Whether you are going to have Irish twins or raising them at the moment, this information will be surely useful. Continue to read to know more about your Irish twins.

What Is Irish Twins Meaning?

What Is Irish twins meaning? “Irish twins” is a term used to describe two children born to the same mother within 12 months or less, though some extend the definition to siblings born within 18 months of each other. It is technically possible for siblings to be as close as 9 or 10 months apart. After birth labor, a woman can begin ovulating again before having her first postpartum period. This means that you can get pregnant after unprotected sex, even 3 to 4 weeks after giving birth.

Irish twins are not similar to identical and fraternal twins. The key distinction between them is that Irish twins result from two separate pregnancies, while other twins are born from the same pregnancy. Identical twins originate from a single fertilized egg that splits into two, while fraternal twins come from 2 different eggs fertilized simultaneously.

"Irish twins" origin from the United States during the 19th century
“Irish twins” origin from the United States during the 19th century

The term “Irish twins” emerged in the United States during the 19th century. This is a period that is marked by significant Irish Catholics immigrating to America due to the Great famine. Many Irish families settled in urban areas and lived in poverty. These people often have large families with children born close together due to their religious beliefs against birth control. It played into the stereotype of the Irish as being uneducated and irresponsible.

These days, the term “Irish twins” is used widely in modern life, but usually with no original negative connotations. We use it today simply to describe siblings who are close in age without any intention of offense. However, with positive Irish twins meaning, some people may still feel offended by this term. So, you should be careful when using the term “Irish twins”.

Advantages of Raising Irish Twins

Having Irish twins brings certain potential advantages. That’s why many couples consider raising kids close in age. Here are the reasons behind this:

  • Shorter Challenging Time:  Parents may find that having Irish twins results in a shorter period spent managing demanding infant and toddler phases. Some people just don’t want to go through all of this once again years later. 
  • Stronger Sibling Bond: The experience shows that Irish twins often develop a close companionship. This is due to their shared similar experiences and developmental stages.  They may talk and play together more readily than siblings who are far in age. 
  • Reduced Career Impact: For some parents, having close-in-age children is a great way to minimize the overall disruption to their career. 
  • Parent Age: For couples who get married late, having children close in age can help to achieve their desired family size within a shorter time.
  • Fertility Concerns: Individuals who have experienced fertility challenges may choose to conceive again sooner to maximize their chances of having additional children.

Being parents is a blessing. You will find happiness in everything, like finding nicknames for boys and nicknames for girls. They will bring you laughter and joy and encourage you to overcome difficulties.

Challenges of Raising Irish Twins

Raising Irish twins will be a big challenge
Raising Irish twins will be a big challenge

Go along with the joy of having twins and, of course, many challenges. It is wonderful to see 2 of your close-in-age children grow up together. But this means that all the tasks will be doubled as well. Double washing, double feeding, double in shopping, and many other stuff that can make you sick in a few beginning years. There are so many to do with infants. You have to change diapers, breastfeed, breast pump, thaw breast milk, feed the baby with baby bottles, and more. And you will do them twice because you have twins. It’s not an easy task for sure. 

Besides, it will be difficult when you have to experience pregnancy and birth labor in such a short time. The doctors always advise that you shouldn’t get pregnant again within 6 months if having a vaginal delivery, and 12 months if having a c-section delivery

Tips for Parents of Rish Twins

No one will tell you that parenting twins is easy. Sometimes you can feel exhausted. However, if you keep in mind these tips, you can survive and raise your 2 kids properly: 

Ask For A Hand

Don’t try to do all things by yourself, especially when your baby is still very young. For example, when you want to put the baby to sleep or when they are hungry at the same time, you will need someone’s help. Or they are toddling, you can’t always track both of them at the same time. They may slip and get hurt. Don’t hesitate to ask for help in similar situations.

Make Your Time

Let your kids have play time together so that you will have time to yourself or take a rest. Make sure you have someone to look after them (nanny, your partners, or grandparents). Relaxation is very important to help you recover both physically and mentally. This is also a good chance for you to encourage their bonding when they have more time to be close to each other.

Share Duties

Share the duties of raising Irish twins with your partner
Share the duties of raising Irish twins with your partner

“There’s no shame in delegating tasks and dividing duties with your partner. Raising kids is a shared responsibility.”, said the co-founder of Parenting Nerd, Elizabeth Hicks

Make A Routine

This is a very useful tip to help the parents function in everything in the best possible way. Teaching your kids to develop schedules and have regular routines is super important to keep things organized, especially with sleeping and eating in the early years of the phase. From there, you can meet your babies’s needs better as well as allow them to know what they should expect. 

Don’t Compare The Twins

Don’t expect that two of your close-in-age will grow at the same rate. Dr. Hollman said: “Because they are close in age, don’t assume they are going to grow at the same pace mentally and physically. Accept their differences from the get-go. In fact, enjoy their differences,” Dr. Hollman advises. Always keep in mind that they are two separate individuals, even with Irish twins.

Encourage Their Individuality

Competition between the twins sometimes can not be avoided. In this case, talk to them separately and let them know that they shouldn’t be the same just because they are close in age. Each individual will have their own personality and strength. Tell them that you are proud of them and advise them to take pride in themselves as well. 

Develop Relationships For Each Child

If you think that you don’t need to spend time with each child, you may be wrong. They are Irish twins but they are two completely different personalities. So, besides family bonding time, you should schedule time to talk to each child to explore more about their needs and interests. Listen to them to do your best to build a good relationship with each of your kids. 

A Word from BabiesParent

So, you’ve added Irish twins meaning to your dictionary. Having Irish twins is a blessing and happiness. Keep in mind that getting pregnant so close can do badly to your health, your mind, and finances as well. Double duty with two babies is a big challenge but seeing them side by side every day will add energy to you. You should consider all the factors carefully before deciding to have Irish twins. 

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