35 Name That Means King For Baby: Born to Rule

35 Name That Means King For Baby
35 Name That Means King For Baby

Every parent wishes that their little kid will have a promising future. If you want your baby will grow up with confidence and potential leadership, give him/her a name that means king might be the perfect thing. 

These kingly names aren’t just about titles. They symbolize the power and evoke great qualities we all hope our children will possess.  So, if you’re ready to explore the world of “name that means kings“, we have a list for you right here!  We bring you a big collection and you can feel free to choose one for your precious newborn. Get ready to discover a name that truly embodies the essence of “born to rule.”  

Understand “Name That Means King”

A name that means king is a name with a literal meaning of “king” or a derivative word in another language. These names can be quite diverse, originating from various cultures and historical periods. They can be royal names, which are used by kings, queens, princesses, and princes. For example, names like Rex (Latin for “king”) and Louis (derived from a Frankish word meaning “famous warrior”) have been used by royalty. 

But keep in mind that there is no need to be always like that. Many names mean king but have never been used by royal people. For instance, the name Basil means “kingly” in Greek, but it hasn’t been a common name among kings. 

What Do Parents Expect When Choosing a Name That Means King?

Giving a name that means king is to hope the kids grow up into a great person
Giving a name that means king is to hope the kids grow up into a great person

When parents choose a name that signifies “king” for their precious newborn, they’re likely weaving bright hopes for their child’s future. Choosing a name meaning “king” doesn’t mean that you expect your kids will be the “real” king in the future, but the true meaning behind is the hope of a confident child who will naturally command respect. The child is expected to be a great leader in the future with the ability to positively impact the world, just like the king or ruler. 

Beyond power and success, the name means the king embodies fairness and kindness and is respected by others.  For parents, a kingly name might represent a wish for their child to grow up with these qualities. The baby with this name will grow up and become someone who uplifts and inspires those around them.

35 Names That Mean King For The Baby 

Choosing a name that means king for your baby is both joyful and a headache. Don’t go anywhere and see if you can find a good name in the list below:

20 Names That Mean King For Boys

Names That Mean King For Boys
Names That Mean King For Boys

Here, we bring you 20 kingly names for your lovely sons. All these names are gorgeous and meaningful.  

  1. Louis

Origin: English

Meaning: “famous warrior”!

Description: This name gained its popularity in 2013, coinciding with the birth of Prince George Alexander Louis. That’s the reason why it has become a trendy name for boys today. 

  1. Henry

Origin: German 

Meaning: “estate ruler.”

Description: After over a century, this name came back and has become one of the top 10 most popular names for boys. If you want to bring a sense of tradition and strength to your little son, this is your choice. 

  1. Avery

Origin: English

Meaning: “ruler of the elves.” 

Description: It is a popular choice for both boys and girls (but more popular for boys). It is perfect for parents who appreciate a touch of whimsy.

  1. Alaric

Origin: German

Meaning: “All-powerful ruler”

Description: Alratic is the traditional and royal name for Ostrogoth kings. The most famous one is Alaric I who conquered Rome in 410. Therefore, Alaric truly represents strength and leadership. 

  1. Walter

Origin: German

Meaning: “Army ruler”

Description: Have you ever heard about Walter Scott? This is a classic name but has its unique edge. Walter evokes a sense of nobility and chivalry.

  1. Frederick

Origin: German 

Meaning: “Peaceful ruler”

Description: Mixing classic with a modern edge, this name exudes a sense of strength and authority, perfect for a future leader. 

  1. Ryan

Origin: Irish 

Meaning: “Little king”

Description: This is a fitting choice for your little prince, which carries a connotation of leadership and strength

  1. Harry

Origin: Norse, English & German

Meaning: “Estate ruler”

Description: This name exudes a sense of strength and confidence, the perfect choice for a little prince with a touch of royal lineage. 

  1. Darius

Origin: Greek

Meaning:  “power”

Description: Emperor Darius the Great was a key figure in Persian history. So, this name symbolizes power and leadership. A baby with this name will thanked for its historical significance and a touch of mystery.

  1. Leon

Origin: Latin, Spanish

Meaning: “King of Lion”

Description: This name evokes the courage, strength, and majesty of a lion. It’s a powerful name for a son with a fearless spirit and a kind heart. 

  1. Arthur

Origin: Celtic, Brythonic

Meaning: “noble & brave”

Description: This is a name that shows bravery, nobility, and a connection to nature, related to the legendary King Arthur

  1. Baron

Origin: Germanic

Meaning: “noble warrior”

Description: Strong and noble, Baron is a bold name for a baby boy, hinting at a future leader. 

  1. Basil

Origin: Greek

Meaning: “King” 

Description: Basil is a sophisticated name with a beautiful touch of herbal charm. This can be a great alternative to more common royal-inspired names.

  1. Conri

Origin: Irish

Meaning: “high king”

Description: This unique Irish name has a powerful meaning attached to a high king. And obviously, it is a cool choice for sons.

  1. Eric

Origin: Old Norse

Meaning: “eternal ruler”

Description: Eric is a classic name with a sense of leadership and power, making it a great choice for a confident little boy.

  1. Emyr

Origin: Welsh

Meaning: “Peaceful ruler” 

Description: Emyr is a charming Welsh name with a gentle sound. It carries both peaceful connotations and a hint of nobility, creating a well-balanced name. 

  1. Kingsley

Origin: English

Meaning: “King’s meadow”

Description: This is a strong and elegant name choice for boys. It is both sophisticated and regal with the imagery of rolling meadows and a connection to royalty.

  1. Leroy

Origin: French

Meaning: “The king”

Description: Leroy is a classic French name with a straightforward meaning. However,  this name is charming and unique. 

  1. Malik

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: “King” or “ruler”

Description: It’s a popular choice in many Arabic-speaking cultures. It is completely a lovely name for a son with a crown. 

  1. Minos

Origin: Greek

Meaning: “Legendary king of Crete”

Description: If you love Greek mythology, Minos must be your choice. This unique name is rich in history and legendary, making it an unforgettable name. 

15 Names That Mean King For Girls

names that mean king for girls
names that mean king for girls

A name that means king is not only for boys. With its beautiful meaning, there are kingly names for girls as well. Now, it’s time for you to explore our list and find a gorgeous name for your darling girl. 

  1. Sarah

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “princess”

Description: Sarah is the name of Abraham’s wife and mother of Isaac in the Old Testament. Thus, it offers a timeless and elegant name for any little girl.

  1. Sadie

Origin: Hebrew, a twist or nickname of Sarah

Meaning: “princess.” 

Description: Not with serious meaning like Sarah, Sadie sounds playful and energetic.  This is a great choice with a touch of royalty but a burst of personality.

  1. Mira

Origin: Latin, Slavic, Arabic, Sanskrit

Meaning: “admirable,” “peace,” “female ruler,” and “ocean.”

Description: Actresses with the name “Mira”, like Mira Sorvino, have helped popularize this beautiful name.  It carries a sense of mystery and strength.

  1. Juno

Origin: Latin

Meaning: “Queen of the heavens”

Description: Do you know the film “Juno” in 2007? This name symbolized the power and majesty of the Roman goddess. It offers a unique choice If you wish your girl destined for greatness. 

  1. Etta

Origin: French, English, and German

Meaning: “home ruler” (short form of names like Henrietta or Loretta)

Description: Perfect and powerful name choice for girls who are expected to rule all stages in the future. 

  1. Isolde

Origin: Welsh & German

Meaning:  “Ice ruler”

Description: Isolde is the lover of Tristan in legend. Thus, it brings a touch of Arthurian romance, as well as mystery and intrigue. Isolde is truly an elegant name for girls

  1. Harriet

Origin: French

Meaning: “Estate ruler”

Description: If parents are seeking a classic name with a touch of unexpected charm, Harriet is a great option. This name is still not popular in the US, so it is quite a unique and sophisticated name to consider. 

  1. Hattie

Origin: English

Meaning: “Estate ruler”

Description: Hattie is becoming more popular than its original form, Harriet. This version is charming and playful and is a fantastic option for parents who love the essence of “Harriet” but prefer a more casual and spunky name. 

  1. Aubrey

Origin: English, French, German

Meaning: “Elf ruler”

Description: Aubrey offers a unique twist on traditional royal names.  While it is more popular for girls in recent years, it is still a versatile name that can be used for boys.

  1. Irish

Origin: Irish 

Meaning: “Golden princess”

Description: Orla evokes a sense of beauty and power. It has a rich and interesting history, related to the daughter of Brian Boru high king of Ireland. 

  1. Frey

Origin: Norse mythology

Meaning: “Noble lady”

Description: Freya carries the strength and grace of a Norse goddess. It embodies nobility, beauty, and a touch of magic.

  1. Reina

Origin: Spanish

Meaning: “Queen”

Description: If you want your baby girl to grow up with natural leadership qualities, choose Reina. This is a charming and bold name that can destiny a person.

  1. Victoria  

Origin: Latin  

Meaning: “Victory”  

Description: This name that means king evokes a sense of triumph and achievement, perfect for a girl who is destined for great things.  

  1. Valentina  

Origin: Latin  

Meaning: “Strong, healthy”  

Description: Valentina represents both strength and vitality, ideal for a girl who is both powerful and compassionate.  

  1. Isabella  

Origin: Spanish & Italian 

Meaning: “Queen”  

Description: This is the name of the famous Queen Isabella. carries a sense of grace and devotion, perfect for a girl with a strong spirit and a kind heart. 

A Word From Babies Parent

Whether you prefer a classic name or a modern one with a touch of mystery, we believe that there’s a perfect name that means king for you on the list. Every child is a king or queen of their parents. So, the most important thing is choosing a name that can tell your wish and hope. Gifting your kids with a unique and meaningful name is the best way to show your love to them. 

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